Oak Park


Oak Park, Illinois, Chicago, USA Homestay

Minimum stay 8 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? No
House has pets? Yes
Available from 20 Apr 2019
Available to 31 Aug 2019
Guests Students, Workers

What makes our homestay unique: houses sell for $1 million on our block, Columbian Ave. was recognized as one of the 10 most expensive streets to live on in Oak Park.

We only host 2 students who are serious about their education at a time, each student has a large bedroom on the second floor of our home, (not in the basement) with walk-in closets, large desks and flat screen TV’s. New sheets & towels. One full bath room and one ½ bath for 2 students to share. (Host have a separate bathroom in their bedroom)

Newly renovated elegant home, in excellent condition, located in an affluent section of Chicago’s Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District in the Village of Oak Park. Professionally cleaned every week by our housekeeper, with the washer and Dryer on the first floor. Large loft above garage with heat/air conditioning, set up as an office studio with den and large flat screen TV for watching movies or ball games. Great food! Gourmet group meals, homemade from high quality meats/seafood with fresh vegetables. Fresh baked goods, fresh fruit and other healthy snacks are always available.

Quiet and safe neighborhood. Public transportation is 3 blocks away. Downtown Chicago is 20-30 minutes via bus or train. College educated hosts with professional careers. Opportunities for students to socialize/network with Chicago’s elite and C-suite level business community. We have one dog, a 2-year old small (25 lbs.) Pointer/Terrier Mix, who is well behaved and loves people.

Email us for photos/details of our homestay offering or find us on Facebook.

KL, (57) is a self proclaimed Army Brat, (her mother is from Germany) having lived throughout the world as a child and has now made her home in the Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Historic District with her husband of 18 years. She is a graduate of the Kelly School of Business, Indiana University. As an avid gourmet cook, she maintains an organic vegetable and a culinary herb garden.

Lyle, (63) a licensed architect works in Chicago for JP Morgan Chase in the real estate group. He holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan. Lyle has traveled internationally, managing projects in England, France, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Bermuda, Singapore, Turkey, India, Hong Kong and Malaysia. His presentations on the historical significance of the Chicago World’s Fair-Colombian Exposition 1942 have gained him notoriety as a Chicago historian. Throughout his entire life, Lyle has been an avid collector of minerals and fossils including Canadian Ammonite, dated at approximately 71 million years old which he proudly displays in the Daly’s home.
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